Editor-in Chief

Dr Hiralal Konar
CD-55 Salt Lake City sector-1
Kolkatta – 700064 (W.B)
Mob- 09433033225
E-mail – h.kondr@gmail.com



The Society started publishing its own journal named “Indian Journal of Perinatology and Reproductive Biology” Periodicity : Quarterly which is circulated to all the members.

Click here to read Journal October – December 2016

The Chief editors were:

Dr. Tarun Banerjee of Kolkata from 1978 - 83.
Dr. N. N. Roy Chowdhary of  Kolkata from 1983-86.
Dr. K.M.Gun of Kolkata  of 1986-88 & 1996-2000.
Dr. M. M. Jassawala of  Mumbai from 1988-90.
Dr. G.I. Dhall of Chandigarh from 1990-92.
Dr. Geeta Ganguly Mukherjee of Kolkata from 2000-2004
Dr. Sudip Chakravorty from Kolkata is the Editor-in-chief from 2004 to 2010.
Dr. Arup Kumar Majhi . Kolkata 2010-2016
Dr. Hiralal Konar. Kolkata 2017-2021