Aims & Objectives

  To bring together medical doctors and practitioners, nurses, paramedicals and laboratory personals, scientists, social workers and others interested in the field of Perinatology and its practice.
To encourage, promote and advance knowledge of study and practice in the field of Perinatology in all possible ways
  To promote research in any aspect of Perinatology.
  To promote and sponsor meetings, seminars, symposia, workshops, deliberations, conferences, lectures, orations etc. with the purpose of advancing knowledge in Perinatology and its related sciences.
To hold annual congress of Perinatology anywhere in India, preferably changing sites each year to cover different regions.
To create public awareness and opinion in matters relating to Perinatology and its related fields
  To associate, assist, subscribe, affiliate or amalgamate with any other recognized body, having objects altogether or in parts similar to those of the society.
To participate, assist or advice government or other non-government agencies or bodies in order to promote objects of the society.
  To acquire movable or immovable property necessary for promotion of activities which fulfils aims and objects of the society.