ISOPARB was founded in the city of Patna to generate  the message of peace and happiness in this land for the mother, child and the whole family i.e. Perinatology Society, irrespective of rich and poor people


The credit goes to the founder members  Late Dr. G. Achari, Dr. Tarun Banerjee, Dr. Kamala Achari. Dr. Kamala Dhall,     Dr. G.I. Dhall, Dr. Ajit C. Mehta, Dr. S. Dasgupta, Dr. B .Palaniappan, Dr. K.M.Gun, Dr. N.N. Roy Chowdhary, Dr. Jagdishwari Mishra, Dr. Nirmala Saxena, Dr. Gita Ganguly Mukherjee to nurture this society from birth to adulthood by their dedicated, devoted and perpetual efforts.


With a handful of members, the society started functioning under the banner of ISOPARB and able guidance of Dr. Mrs. Kamala Achari who is its founder president.


Patrons: Late Dr. G. Achari, Dr. Kamala Achari, Dr. Tarun Banerjee, Dr. N. N. Roychoudhary, Dr. Rohit Bhatt, Dr. Kamal Buckshee

 Name:   Indian Society of Perinatology and Reproductive Biology

Registration: This society is registered under the Societies Registration Act 21 of 1860, the registration No. 71 of 1978- 1979.

Registered Office: The registered office is at Patna and unanimously agreed upon by the members to remain at Patna permanently.

Address: IMA Building, Dr. A.K.N Sinha Path , South East Gandhi Maidan , Patna-13


ISOPARB has a very bright future ahead and this should continue by untiring and devoted attitude of all the members who are associated with this body.

Members should render their services to the poor, unaware, uneducated and under privileged mothers and children so that the high maternal & neonatal death rate shows a decline as 80-85% of our population lives in remote corners of villages.

The victory of ISOPARB is only possible if we strive hard for the success.

The  birth of ISOPARB  — ISOPARB was born in July, 1978 at Patna. Stalwarts of the country like late Prof. G. Achari, Prof. Kamala Achari and Prof. Tarun Banerjee conceived the idea of its birth. Initially it was named  as “Indian Society of Fertility- Reproductive Biology & planned  parenthood” in July 1978. Subsequently on 5th  Nov. 1978 a new name “Indian Society of Perinatology and Reproductive Biology” was proposed and ultimately confirmed in the General Body meeting on 8th Feb. 1979.

The first inaugural function was held at Hotel Maurya, Patna in 1978.Senior doctors from all over India including foreign dignitaries like Late Prof. S. S. Ratnam of Singapore and Dr. Ira Lubell from USA attended the conference.

In the combined general body and executive committee meeting held in Hotel Maurya, Patna in November, 1978 during the above congress Prof. Mrs. Kamala Achari was elected as the President, Dr. Mrs. Malti Rohatagi  of Patna was elected as the Secretary General Cum- Treasurer. Prof.   Tarun Banerjee of Kolkata was elected as the Chief Editor.

Since then the Annual conference are held by rotation in different parts of India every year in the month of February. The office bearers are elected by secret ballot every two years.

A  post of communicator was introduced in 1998-2000. Dr. Pramila Modi of Patna was elected for this post.  She was communicator from 1998-2002. Dr. Rita Dayal of Patna was communicator from 2002-2004.

A Post of joint Secretary to President was introduced in 2000. Dr. Neelang shah of Mumbai was elected Joint Secretary to president for 2002-2004.

Affiliation :

Indian Society of Perinatology and Reproductive Biology were affiliated to the Federation of Asia and Oceania Perinatal Societies (FAOPS) in 1979. In 1979 at the FAOPS Council meeting held during the annual Conference in Singapore Dr. Tarun Banerjee of Kolkata was elected as the President of FAOPS. Dr. Mrs. Kamala Achari of Patna was elected as the Executive member. In 1990 at FAOPS council meeting held at Perth (Australia) Dr. N.N. Roy Chowdhury of Kolkata was elected Deputy Secretary General of FAOPS and Dr. Ajit C. Mehta of Mumbai as the Executive Member. In March, 2002 in the FAOPS Council meeting held at New Zealand Dr. Neelam Kler of Delhi was elected Deputy Secretary of FAOPS (Western region).

Since the affiliation of ISOPARB with FAOPS, ISOPARB is representing in the FAOPS council meetings held during the FAOPS congresses.

After the affiliation of ISOPARB with FAOPS, it had the privilege of holding FAOPS congress in 1983 at Kolkata which was organized under the banner of Indian Society of Perinatology and Reproductive Biology. Dr. N.N. Roy Chowdhury was Organizing Secretary and Dr. Tarun Banerjee was Chairperson.

Conferences held in different parts of India so far:

Years Conference Place
1978 1st conference   Patna
1980 2st conference Jammu
1982 3st conference  Trivandrum
1983 World Cong. Of FAOPS  Kolkata
1985 4th conference Varanasi
1986 5th conference Mumbai
1987 6th conference  Hyderabad
1988 7th conference Chandigarh
1990 8th conference Chennai
1991 Jt. Conference   Jamshedpur
1992 9th Conference  Baroda
1993   Jt. Conference Lucknow
1994 10th conference  Chandigarh
1995 11th conference Kolkata
1996 12th conference Mumbai
1997 13th conference New Delhi
1998  14th conference Jamshedpur
1999 15th conference  Kolkata
2000 16th conference Bangalore
2001 17th conference Allahabad
2002 18th conference Mumbai
2003 19th conference Hyderabad
20042004   20th conference Patna
20052005 21st  conference Lucknow
2006 22nd conference Ahmedabad
2006 “” “”
2007 23rd conference Chennai
2008  24th conference Ranchi
ISOPARB joined with NNF in 1991. The joint Conference was held in Jameshedpur in 1991. In 1994 ISOPARB got dissociated from NNF.