Invitation from FOAPS, Japan, 2020 to ISOPARB (to be held on 27th to 30th november 2020)

We invite young 4 speakers from our country for workshops on Perinatal Infections and Obstetric Hemorrhage ( 2 Each).
They will get support of USD 2000 for same and we can plan accordingly travel bursary each of 500 USD to each speaker. As ISOPARB can not support for remaining expenses, we need to request speakers to take care of themselves.
1. Age less than 40
2. Postgraduate degree or diploma in OBGYN or Pediatrics
3. Last date to apply will be 10.01.2020
4. Topics are Perinatal Infections & Obstetrics Hemorrhage.
Suitable candidate may apply to the head office ISOPARB before 10.01.2020